Don’t Delay Roof Repair: Get a Virtual Estimate by Drone During Quarantine

The world may be on pause, but Blue Nail’s drone-powered estimate process can help your roofing and siding plans move ahead safely

New Jersey is coping with COVID-19 just like the rest of the world with state developments and best practices constantly being updated. No contact and social distancing are key to beating the virus, but they also mean many professional practices and personal plans have been put on hold. Authorities say that any trips not deemed “essential” must wait until further notice.

Here at Blue Nail, we understand how urgent it can be to have your roof appraised for possible repairs or replacements. More than a cosmetic feature, your roof can also be a very important barrier against things which compromise homeowner health such as mold, mildew and spores — a barrier which is more important now than ever.

A compromised roof can also become an expensive and unnecessary drain on energy bills. With millions of Americans finding their employment on hold or even terminated, every penny saved counts until COVID-19 is beaten. Protecting people’s wellbeing and financial security is essential.

With Blue Nail, the roofing or siding estimate you were considering doesn’t need to wait thanks to our 100% virtual, no-contact process. We can still get the job underway effectively while respecting safe distancing guidelines and removing even the slightest risk of coronavirus exposure for our customers and our team.

Technology rises above the coronavirus

Our team can appraise your home using drone technology, meaning there’s no need for us to get close or even knock on your door. Drones and roofs are a great combination, as I covered in my previous blog, and around the world they’re helping with everything from COVID-19 diagnoses to walking the dog. As members of the Blue Nail team, these plastic professionals are proving their value to us and our customers every day during the COVID quarantine.

The versatility of a drone inspection makes them faster and more efficient, meaning better results for us and less time, and money, spent on the job for our customers. We can use them to accurately assess your roof down to the slightest detail with no need to put a person up there or deploy any equipment, which greatly reduces operating costs.

The drone isn’t the only high-tech tool we use in the estimate. Digital modeling apps and satellite imaging from EagleView allow us to measure your roof and gather wider data on the whole property from the ground That information helps us create a 3D model of your home, which we use to give you a virtual presentation of how things currently look. From there, we can discuss the best options going forward based on your goals and the structure’s requirements.

The entire interactive estimation process can take place digitally from start to finish with no need for in-person meetings, even when it comes time to sign.

Bypass the exposure risk from paperwork

Health experts aren’t 100% certain that COVID-19 can’t be passed between people through shared contact with paper things like mail and money. Even the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was unable to give a definitive answer when asked if paper could or could not spread the disease.

This means the slim chance of infection is still there. We’re glad to tell our customers that the entire paperwork process for our roofing and siding estimate is as digital as the appraisal. Estimates and invoices are sent by email and customers can sign and make payments without encountering any of the physical risks that paperwork presents during this trying time, no matter how minimal it may be.

Our high standard of service continues

We’ve always been committed to the highest standard of workmanship for our customers. The current coronavirus conditions have only strengthened our resolve to protect and provide for the wellbeing and safety of our community.

Rest assured we’ll put the security of homeowners and their loved ones at the top of our list, while you can put COVID-19 concerns over roofing estimates at the bottom of yours.

Working with Blue Nail Roofing means coming home to craftsmanship. From first call to final inspection, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you benefit from our experience. For more information or a free consultation, drop by our contact page or call 973-937-8876.

Our Value Proposition

We leverage our detailed craftsmanship to solve roofing and siding issues with transparency and education. After a free consultation with us, our clients are fully prepared to make the best decision to protect their home for the next 30+ years. We have achieved rare certifications to guarantee the highest level of workmanship and offer the best warranties in the industry. We strive to make the entire process easy, from the first call to the final inspection.

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