EIFS Siding Replacement in New Jersey

You may be looking for siding solutions to replace the old, cracking EIFS siding material on the outside of your home. Fortunately, there are a number of good options for replacing EIFS siding and restoring your home’s curb appeal.

What is EIFS siding? 

Exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) siding is a form of exterior wall cladding that is similar in appearance to stucco but actually includes several layers of synthetic materials. Unlike traditional stucco, which is composed of plaster and mesh, EIFS siding consists of a layer of insulation board that is affixed to the substrate, a reinforced base coat layer, and a final finish layer which is textured and weatherproofed. 

If you are in need of EIFS siding replacement, contact our team at Blue Nail Roofing and Siding. We can help you weigh your options for replacing the EIFS and our expert team will ensure that the job is done right.

Do you have EIFS or stucco? 

Before you attempt to replace your siding, you’ll want to determine whether your siding is stucco or EIFS. While it can be difficult to visually distinguish between the two, the following are good indicators that your siding is EIFS: 

  • Soft and hollow when tapped
  • Deflects from the wall when pressed
  • Foam exterior insulation boards spotted around light fixtures and edges
  • Small cracks around windows

If you find that you have EIFS and do not see any aesthetic issues yet, you can prolong its life by ensuring that water isn’t seeping in and getting trapped behind the siding—start by sealing up any cracks or gaps that might let water in and keeping your gutters clean and directed away from the home.

Problems with EIFS

You will find that home inspectors take a good look at EIFS siding. The siding can detach from the exterior insulation and create pockets inside that collect and trap moisture. 

This can lead to: 

  • Dry Rot: When wood is moist and grows fungi, it can lead to wood decay called dry rot. Dry rot breaks down the wood where it is no longer structurally sound. 
  • Water Damage: Water continually pouring onto the EIFS surface can create warping and water stains that are unsightly for the outside of a home. 
  • Mold: If the EIFS has pocketed away from the inner foam layer, water can pool in those pockets without a place to drain. This water doesn’t have an outlet and turns into mold. 
  • Chipping away: As the material gaps away from the house, it can chip away, and large chunks of the siding may come off of your home. Your house is even more vulnerable to the elements when areas are exposed. 

When the damage gets extensive, there is no other option but EIFS siding replacement. The removal and replacement process can be simple when placed in the right hands. New exterior cladding will make your home feel brand new and include building envelopes that will protect against the elements. 

Alternatives for Replacing EIFS Siding

It can be frustrating to watch the exterior of your home fall apart. If you have a beautiful home on the inside, you want the outside of your home to match. 

If you’re in the market for EIFS siding replacement, our team at Blue Nail can help—but you’ll still need to choose a new siding material to replace it with. Here are a few of your options to replace EIFS:

Fiber Cement Siding 

Also known as James Hardie siding, fiber cement siding is long-lasting and durable in all weather conditions. This popular EIFS siding replacement is one of the most popular siding materials used in America. Homeowners love it for its low maintenance, excellent warranty, and promise of no chipping, fading, or loosening with extreme weather conditions. 

Made from a composite of sand, cement, cellulose fibers, and wood pulp, James Hardie siding is long-lasting, comes in many colors, and is resistant to rot, woodpeckers, carpenter ants, and termites. The factory color finish also has a warranty of 15 years. 

Vinyl Siding

For EIFS siding replacement, you’ll find that vinyl siding is a great alternative. Since it comes in many different colors and finishes, you can design precisely how you want your home to look on the exterior. Vinyl siding does not peel or fade and holds up well in harsh weather. 

You can also choose finish systems to seal in your siding and add extra protection from weather extremes. You can’t go wrong when you select Blue Nail for EIFS siding replacement. 

Contact Professional Siding Installers

Our team is experienced in the removal of old siding and EIFS siding replacement. We take great care in removing stubborn or broken-down materials. During installation, we replace rotted wood as necessary and can reset windows if needed.

If you’re in need of EIFS siding replacement, look no further than Blue Nail Roofing and Siding. With trusted experts in consulting and customer service, you can’t go wrong. In addition, Blue Nail uses only the most high-quality materials to deliver top-notch results for your EIFS siding replacement. 

If you have questions about replacing your EIFS siding and would like to get ahead of replacing it before you start seeing real damage, give us a call. Our experts can take a look at your home and evaluate the next steps for long-lasting exterior siding. Contact our team today to get a consultation on your home.

James Hardie Contractor Alliance

We value our close partnership with James Hardie Siding. James Hardie Siding offer the highest level of curb appeal by creating an authentic wood-looking product without any of the maintenance or risks. James Hardie Siding is a brand that we are proud to install and offer extended warranties on.

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