Roofing Expert

A roof is a structure that forms the upper most covering of a building with a view to providing shelter and the process of constructing a roof is known as roofing and it plays a vital role in holding back your home. Previously the roofs were installed with a view to last for around 20-30 years but now more efforts are given on this and made in such a manner that you will never need to replace it.

Water peculates in the roof from overlapping of the shingles then the metal flashing then moisture barrier next is the wood decking and then is the inner side of the roof which can be seen from inside your house. The insulation process soaks the water at its best but when it fails to soak water you can find leakages in your home. While there is always an option for a light fixture but even this will not help much because the water has already damaged the roof for months or may be for years. So what are the factors that will determine that you need a new roof are stated below:

  • Was you roof installed before 1996?
  • Are there any dark spots or stains on your roof from inside the house?
  • Are there buckling, cracking or curling on the shingles of your roof?
  • Are all the Shingles in their proper places?
  • Has your roof lost its shine?
  • Are there cracks or blistering on either side of your roof?
  • Are there any leakages?
  • Does your roof appear flabby?

We offer the best roofing solutions that will be strong in every weather conditions because your roof acts as the primary line of defense during wind, rain, ice, snow, heat and even the natural disasters like tornados, blizzards or hurricanes etc. Proper roofing includes underlayment, installation of shingles and appropriate ventilation.

You should always keep some things handy before you actually start the roofing installation. Measure the length of the roof and the shingle. Clean the roof is important as it removes the dirt and dust so that the shingles fits well. Add on the underlayment along with the flashes.

It stops water from getting through to the roof at the gaps between shingles, and at the notches between tabs. You can save a few bucks using pre-cut starter strips instead of using a whole shingle. It will also save you time in cutting off the unused portion of each shingle in the starter strip.

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