Siding installation

Sidings can be done using various materials. We will discuss the siding installation of metal sidings.

  1. Clean the surface: Cleaning the surface includes everything from removing the oil paints, nails or and caulking if required. Furring the wood can be required if your house is old and has weathered woods.
  2. Leveling: Proper leveling is required by drawing horizontal or vertical lines depending upon the type of texture you want. Chalk can also be used for making lines.
  3. Cutting: It is always preferable to use the already corrugated sheets for siding and cutting it according to the measures you have taken. But if you are opting for a metal sheet then make sure you take up all the safety measures and have a helping hand with you.
  4. First Siding: The very first siding should be started from the base of your house. It enables a shielding at the bottom. And the chalk marking that we have made will help a lot in proper installation of the very first siding.
  5. Install the siding: Just as you have installed your first siding, continue with the other sidings along with the measures which you have made. Similarly apply caulking between two sidings which will protect the sidings from weathering.
  6. Final Finishing: It should be given with nails which will help in strongly holding the sidings and will prevent water leakages. It must be noted that you should not twist or bend the nails and should not over hammer them.