About Us

My name is John Hogan, Owner of Blue Nail LLC. When I was in middle school, the garage of my Mother’s house was converted into a living space for my Grandma who was battling cancer. The room was beautiful – spacious with skylights and large closets. It was the main selling point of our home when we had to put the house up for sale. It was quick and easy to find a buyer at the listed price. Piece of cake! WRONG.

It turned out that the permits were never pulled by the contractor to turn our garage into a living space. The sale fell through. My Mom was now stuck spending money and time converting the highlight of our home back into a garage. The value of our home dropped and it took months to find another buyer. I felt terrible for my Mom who had to endure this money pit soon after losing her own Mother. Throughout the years I have met far too many homeowners who were taken advantage of by shoddy contractors.

Mr. John Hogan isn’t just a professional who is an expertise in his craft, but he’s also an individual who’s compassionate, sincere, and honest and isn’t out to hurt ANYONE in the… “

Growing up in the Construction Industry, I was aware of the dirty tricks that are pulled. So, at a young age, it became my mission to protect homeowners. Families should not have to suffer due to poor workmanship, negligence, or shortcuts from contractors that they are trusting to overhaul their center of operations – Home.

Here at Blue Nail, we enhance the curb appeal of your home with quality craftsmanship. We empower homeowners to make well-informed decisions on hiring Contractors with transparent and educational consultations. We strive to expertly remodel your home to reflect the warm personality of your family. As the Owner, my personal goal is to see that each of our valued clients receive the professionalism, peace of mind, and return on their investment that my Mother unfortunately did not experience.

If you are interested about creating an environment that your family is proud to call home, give us a call at (973) 937-8876.

Our commitment to craftsmanship has helped us achieve the highest certifications in the industry. We partnered with the best brands in the country who routinely inspect our work and allow us to provide incredible guarantees to our clients.