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Morgan P.
Review Rating

I was given a referral to Blue Nail from a friend. I contacted John and he was extremely helpful and honest. The estimate was given quickly and the final price did not vary from the original estimate. The work was done exactly as promised and without any flaws. I REALLY recommend this company and will tell anyone who asks me.

Ashlee C.
Review Rating

I felt so safe and at ease with everyone. I wish I would have known about this company sooner! They are so great to work with! Thank you everyone!

John L.
Review Rating

John really knows what he is doing and makes you feel comfortable with the job every step of the way. He kept me updated from beginning to end. We really couldn't have asked for a better experience. Blue Nail was even able to save and re-shingle our home look-a-like mailbox, a gift from my grandmother who is no longer with us. It meant the world to us!

Rui Y.
Review Rating

We had a recent leak after the rain. Matt is very responsive, he came over and did an assessment. When realized the roof need replacement, he quickly made an arrangement for the Blue Nail team to do the job before the next rain. Thanks Matt and Blue Nail for the timely help and great job on the roof!

Martin E.
Review Rating

We chose Blue Nail to replace our roof because of their excellent reputation for quality and service. Our project began with an active leak, and Blue Nail started the roof replacement in days, not weeks. E.J. and Alex, and the entire team at Blue Nail, was knowledgeable, responsive, and always present until the job was complete! And at the end of the job, the Blue Nail team has a plan for clean-up, so you don't have to worry about stray nails in your yard and driveway.


Karin K.
Review Rating

We needed an entire roof replacement and had concerns about the project because our roof is fairly large, steep, and somewhat complicated. Blue Nails was up to the task. The planning, execution, and quality of workmanship was outstanding. The guarantees associated with the project were submitted directly by GAF a week after project completion. We had four offers for this project and are glad that we chose Blue Nails. Todd and his team did an outstanding job. Unquestionably, a five star rating. We would recommend them highly.


John C.
Review Rating

Blue Nail did a wonderful job on our roof and gutter installation. Well timed and clean from start to finish. It's nice to work with local companies like Blue Nail. Thank you, John Hogan!


Chris G.
Review Rating

Great experience with Blue Nail. John explained everything as he progressed. The roof was done in 1 day as were the gutters. They weren't the cheapest but were also nowhere near the highest. The cheapest never even came to my house which seemed like a red flag. It wasn't all about price.. service and quality really mattered to me and Blue Nail nailed it!

Robert P.
Review Rating

Blue Nail installed our new roof in one day and worked into the night to get it finished in time for Thanksgiving and before the heavy winter comes in. We also had new larger gutters installed as well. Blue Nail is extremely professional and always responsive. Their work is excellent and exceeded my high expectations. I highly recommend them.

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