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A home has ladders leaning against it, with half of the house having a fresh coat of white paint applied to it, while the other half is a faded brown color, waiting to be repainted.

4 Exterior Contracting Projects Perfect for the Spring

In early February, the groundhog told us we’d be having a quick winter, and it looks like the marmot was right! We are well on our way to saying goodbye to the cold and hello to spring. While everyone is ready to relax outside and enjoy the warm weather,  did you know that the springtime is the perfect season for many types of construction projects? Peruse through our list of different spring home improvement projects to decide which job you’d like to tackle once we’re officially done with winter. 

Building a Deck 

The addition of a deck is a project we find ourselves completing frequently throughout the spring. Adding a deck onto the back of your house will not only instantly up your barbecue’s credibility, but it can also give you another beautiful spot to relax and soak up the sun. 

Spring is the perfect deck building season not only because of the warm weather but, by having your deck built in the early spring, you can be assured that by the time summer officially kicks off, the project will be completed and you’ll be ready to host as many parties as you want. 

Your deck’s design is completely up to you, although we can provide detailed consultations if you’re having trouble deciding in which route you’d like to go. If you’re having trouble choosing what decking material you’d like, whether it be composite decking, PVC, or treated wood, we can discuss each material’s pros and cons to help you better weigh your options. Whichever choice you go with, you can rest assured that by building a deck this spring, your home will become your friends’ go-to barbeque spot!

New Windows

Many homeowners choose to tackle changing their windows in the springtime, and for good reason! Throughout the winter, it’s likely that you weren’t opening and closing your windows too often. It’s also entirely possible that your home’s current windows are not as tightly sealed as they could be. There are other troubleshooting methods you can choose to tackle, but why not go for having new windows installed?

Spring is the perfect time to tackle this project because with the beautiful weather, your chosen contractors will have no difficulty completing the job. By having new windows installed, you’ll have the option to let the beauty of springtime flow from your newly installed and open windows throughout your entire home. 

Another fantastic perk of having new windows installed is that this project can instantly boost your house’s curb appeal. Depending on the specific style of window you choose, you could see your home’s value increase significantly, due simply to windows!

Depending on your home’s cooling system, having new windows installed before the summertime kicks in may be a necessity. If your home’s current windows cannot open widely enough for an air conditioning unit to be inserted, and your house does not have a central airing system, you should certainly consider swapping out the windows for ones that can service your needs. With the conclusion of this brief winter, meteorologists are speculating that this summer may be especially hot. You won’t want to enter the season without any air conditioning, so consider replacing your current windows with ones that can easily fit a cooling unit.

House Painting

There are so many reasons to consider painting your home this spring. If you’re looking to have your home’s interior —whether it be a wall, hall, or room—painted, the spring’s weather allows for your professional painters to properly ventilate your house without leaving you freezing. 

If you’re looking to repaint your home’s exterior, you’re unlikely to find a more actionable season to complete this job than the spring. Throughout the winter, it’s likely that the outside of your home faced some wear and tear from the seemingly constant winds and precipitation. Your home’s current paint job probably became faded or chipped. The water from the snow, sleet, and rain could have eroded your house’s paint. 

Because of this, you may want to consider hiring house painters to apply fresh coats of paint on your home. Whether you want to stick with your current color or mix it up with a new shade, spring is the perfect time to tackle this project. 

Not only is the weather beautiful in the spring, but by having your home painted early in the season, you’ll be able to take on all of your landscaping jobs without worrying about the drying paint affecting your other projects. Furthermore, the spring’s mild temperatures are perfect for allowing the paint to properly set and dry. If you choose to wait until the hot summer season, the paint could dry too quickly without forming a proper paint film on your house. 

If you choose having your house painted as your first home improvement project of the spring, you’ll not only ensure your home is looking beautiful for the parties you plan to host this summer, but this is another way to instantly boost your house’s curb appeal. 

Roof Repairs

As previously mentioned, the winter can cause some damage to your house’s paint, but did you know that the winter can also cause even the sturdiest of roofs to take a significant beating? With the wind smacking against it, the snow and hail landing on it, ice forming on it, and tree limbs potentially falling on it, the list of potential roofing disasters to strike through winter is a long one. Because of this, you should schedule a roofing inspection for the beginning of spring. 

If your inspection finds that structural damage has occured on your roof, you’ll want to immediately schedule a roofing repair. If you focus on other projects and continue to neglect your roof, what may have been a simple fix can quickly become a large, all-encompassing roof replacement. 

The spring weather is perhaps the perfect season for roofers to fix your home’s canopy, and due to the completion of winter, there’s no time like spring to have your roof inspected and, if needed, repaired. 

Choose to tackle one, or any combination, of the above mentioned spring home improvement projects to increase your home’s curb appeal, functionality, and comfort all year long!

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