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How DaVinci Composite Slate and Cedar Shingles Handle Winter Weather

Many beautiful homes use natural cedar roof shingles. Did you know that the charm slate and cedar shingles provide, can be duplicated with a much more durable product, without all the maintenance constraints?

DaVinci Roofscapes offer a synthetic composite alternative that will match the curb appeal of its real wood and slate counterparts, without all the hassle. But it’s wise to know that the charm that is presented by cedar or slate roof shingles can be duplicated in DaVinci roofscapes, but without cedar and slate’s maintenance constraints. DaVinci shingles offers synthetic slate and cedar shake roof materials that will match the curb appeal of its real wood counterparts. 

Tap into the charm of luxury roof shingles without experiencing warped or split wood when exposed to harsh weather. In addition,DaVinci Roofscapes outperform asphalt shingles and are backed by their limited lifetime warranty. An average asphalt shingled roof has an expected lifetime of around 20 years, where a DaVinci Cedar or Slate composite will keep your home safe and looking great for 50 years or more. These polymer roofs are similar to the composite materials that make durable decks. Think about the protection you can provide to your home by choosing composite cedar or slate. 

Read on to learn about all of the benefits that DaVinci shingles can offer your New Jersey home. 

Durable to All Conditions

While real wood shingles and slate can suffer damage during harsh weather, polymer roofing is built to withstand all weather conditions. In New Jersey, high heat and freezing temperatures penetrate your home depending on the time of year. It is in your best interest to choose roof installers who will choose trusted DaVinci shingles and who are trained to implement them properly on your home. 

Instead of choosing vulnerable roofing products, rely on composite roofing materials by DaVinci. With other roofing materials, when your roof is damaged due to extreme weather, as a home owner, you are faced with the inconvenience of filing a claim, inspection, and hiring a contractor for the repair (not to mention, that your insurance premium is likely to increase).When making the choice to replace your roof, consider the strength and durability of DaVinci products, knowing that it will save you time, money and stress down the road when it comes to the harsher elements that we deal with in the Northeast.

Consider potential problems with other roofing materials. 

  • Freeze and Thaw: Some roofing materials have a problem with the freeze-and-thaw cycle as the materials expand and contract, causing cracks and splitting. With DaVinci shingles, NJ homeowners can count on composite cedar shakes and slate materials that will withstand damage during a freeze. 
  • Ice Dams: As snow and ice melt, they pool at the bottom of a roof slope. And then they freeze again, creating ice dams. These heavy blocks of ice can add weight to your roof that slate roof tiles cannot endure, causing chipping. DaVinci roof products have been thoroughly tested, including ice dam exposure, and have been proven to perform well. 
  • Snowslides: Another thing that happens when heavy snow is on the roof is the snow melts and starts to slide down the roof, creating a snowslide. The snow can fall from a sloped roof, causing damage or injury if people are down below. Our team can install snowguards to prevent this from happening. 
  • High Heat: New Jersey summers can get sweltering hot, and the direct heat on asphalt shingles results in wear and tear over time. However, the composite materials in polymer roofing perform well during the hot summer heat. 
  • Hailstorms: If you have asphalt shingles, you often have to get your roof replaced after a hailstorm. The elements penetrate the roofing, making it weaker and more vulnerable after it has been hit by hail. DaVinci shingles, on the other hand, remain unaffected by hailstorms. 

While other roofing materials may crack, split, dent, or grow mold and fungus, DaVinci shingles require no additional maintenance and are not vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. The composite roof materials are thoroughly tested and have proven more resilient than wood shakes and slate roof tiles. 

Strong Wind Resistance

In addition to extreme weather conditions, high winds can cause roof products to loosen and even blow away. Choosing roofing products that are impact resistant will increase your chance of zero damage after a windstorm.

You may not think that high-velocity wind will take your roof off. But consider if you have ever experienced a tornado or hurricane warning. In that case, you can imagine how scary it may be to wonder if your family will be left vulnerable during the storm. 

When considering DaVinci shingles for your NJ home (one of your biggest assets), you can be assured of the safety it can provide for your best asset — your family, giving you greater peace of mind for many years to come, no matter what harsh conditions mother nature has in store for us in the Northeast!

Ready to Use DaVinci for Your Next Roofing Project?

With all the roofing material options on the market, a consultation with a DaVinci certified masterpiece installer can answer any and all questions you may have to make the right decision for your home. Learn more from Blue Nail Roofing and Siding about DaVinci shingles. You will be able to get answers to your questions and make a sensible decision regarding your roof investment. 

Blue Nail Roofing and Siding is a reputable New Jersey company that only works with the best brands in the business. By choosing Blue Nail, you will partner with one of the best in the business, can be assured satisfaction from start to finish, and on budget.

Call Blue Nail Roofing and Siding today if you are considering roof replacement for a free in-home consultation, and evaluation. Our team will take a look at your roof and assess your needs before completing the job in a timely and professional manner. We are ready to help! 

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