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Are you looking for a roofing contractor? Your roof is important. That seems like a pretty obvious statement, but the crown of your home serves more than one purpose. Not only does it shield you from the elements, but according to experts, your roof accounts for 40% of your home’s curb appeal.

Because of this, you should make sure you’re not only using top quality roofing products, but you should also ensure that you have chosen a highly regarded and well reviewed residential roofing contractor like Blue Nail Roofing and Siding!

A Morris County home has had GAF Shingles installed.
GAF Shingles

GAF is the World’s Largest Roofing Manufacturer and is conveniently located in Parsippany, NJ. Recently, they switched to Timberline HDZ shingles, which they have found to be even more durable and wind-resistant than their former Timberline HD shingles. 

With a larger nail line and interlock, GAF’s Timberline HDZ shingles allow for increased accuracy when being installed. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love these shingles, they’re coming with a no-limit wind warranty! 

GAF also offers Timberline Ultra HD roofing material, which when compared to traditional Timberline HD, is 53% thicker, has an enhanced shadow effect, and contains time-released copper which allows Ultra to combat algae growth. 

The Designer line of GAF Shingles offers luxury at an affordable price with shingles that look like traditional slate and cedar. The premium color blends and sophisticated design make designer shingles like the Camelot a great choice.

Call us to have one of our roofing contractors install your new GAF Shingles today.

This Morris County home with a DaVinci Slate roof.
Composite Slate and Cedar Shingles

DaVinci Composite Slate and Cedar Shingles offer all of the benefits of real Slate and Cedar without the annual maintenance. Often regarded by roofing contractors as the “set it and forget it” roofing material due to its longevity and lifespan, if you choose to install a Composite Slate and Cedar Roof, it’s likely you will not need to worry about having it replaced, as they traditionally last upwards of 50 years. 

DaVinci is the most realistic composite roofing product on the market. Metal accents really bring out the beauty of the roof. The team at Blue Nail Roofing and Siding can add copper or heavy-gauge aluminum to the valleys, flashing, and snow guards for an even more polished look. 

This Morris County home has a Traditional Slate and Cedar Roof.
Traditional Slate & Cedar

Traditional Slate and Cedar Roofs have been around for hundreds of years, accentuating homes for centuries. A wonderful and proven perk of traditional slate and cedar roofs are that they are extremely durable and resistant to severe storms.

This type of roofing material is built to last, with the average lifespan eclipsing 100 years. Because of this longevity, a traditional slate and cedar roof is a very environmentally friendly option, since many roofs need to have their shingles ripped off, thrown away, and replaced every 25 years. 

While these roofs do require maintenance such as replacing broken slates and sealing the cedar, this routine maintenance will be considerably less involved than having to go through a full roof replacement. 

A bird's eye view of a Montville, New Jersey, home haldway through its roof replacement.
The Blue Nail team getting the roofing material ready.
Contractors working on a roof in Denville New Jersey


In the winter, warm air generated by your home’s appliances can all linger in the house and cause moisture build-up. Conversely, in the summer, excessive heat build-up forces accelerated aging and cracking of wood and roofing materials. Your energy bill will also skyrocket trying to combat the excessive heat trapped in the house.

Balanced ventilation can relieve these issues and give your roof the longevity that it was built for. In a balanced system, wind blows over the ridge and creates a negative pressure that draws the warmer air out of the attic. Replacement air enters through the under eave or soffit vents, bathes the underside of the roof, and exits at the ridge cap through ridge vents, roof vents or gable vents.

Even with no wind, the natural convection action of rising warm air maintains a continuous airflow along the underside of the roof. It’s a system that works all year long with no moving parts or energy consumption.

Practically every home can benefit from having its roof properly ventilated. Outside air will be able to naturally flow up and through your attic and the ventilation with prevent against both trapped moisture and rotting/warping. A ventilated roof also promotes a cooler and drier attic. 

Warning Signs That You Need a New Roof:

  • Is there delaminated wood decking in your attic (dark spots on the inside of the roof decking)?
  • Are your shingles dirty, cracking, curling, or buckling?
  • Was your existing roof installed before 2000?
  • Do you see any missing shingles?
  • Does your roof seem to be oddly shiny?
  • Do you have blistering or peeling interior or exterior paint?
  • Are there shingle granules in your gutters?
  • Are there stains on interiors ceilings or walls?
  • Are you experiences any leaks in your attic?
  • Does your energy bill seem too high?
  • Does your roof appear to be sagging?
  • Are there dark spots and trails on the roof?
  • Was your existing roof installed before 2000?

Remember, for water to make its way into the interior of your home, it typically has to go through overlapping shingles, metal flashing, moisture barrier, wood decking, your attic floor, and then it usually gets soaked up by insulation. 

Only when the insulation finally fails does water make its way past the joists and into the living space of your home. By the time you see water dripping through your ceiling, it has already wreaked havoc on your roof for months, or even years.

New Jersey’s weather is unique because we endure freezing blizzards in winter and extreme heat in the summer. Rain, wind, snow, ice, extreme heat even the occasional hurricanes, tornados, and blizzards are all part of our climate.

Your roof is the first line of defense against all of the crazy weather that we have here in NJ. To fully protect your home and family from the elements, you need a complete roofing system installed by a professional contractor. That includes proper roofing underlayment, shingle installation, and ventilation.

Contact us for your complimentary consultation, including a digital model of your home and what it can look like with different styles of shingles and siding materials. When you choose to work with Blue Nail Roofing and Siding, the roofing system our contractors we’ll install will come with a lifetime warranty. Reach out to the team at Blue Nail Roofing and Siding today!


GAF Master Elite Contractor

We are in the 2% of United States roofers who qualify as GAF Master Elite Installers! This allows us to offer the best warranty in the industry — The Golden Pledge. The Golden Pledge guarantees the workmanship of your roof for 25 years after installation and leaves us subject to 40-Point detailed inspections to ensure that you receive the best roof possible!

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