James Hardie Siding Contractor in New Jersey

James Hardie Siding is engineered specifically for our North East climate, keeping it looking better longer. Hardie is built to resist moisture, rot, mildew, impact, pests such as woodpeckers and termites, freezing temperatures, and high-heat. Hardie Plank is completely non-combustible. It does not ignite or spread flame, protecting your home long-term. In comparison, vinyl melts just from being near a hot grill. Hardie Plank is also 5x the thickness of vinyl, not only protecting your house from the elements, but also protecting from fade with our special paint. The paint is designed for Fiber Cement, has multiple coats, and is baked in giving it a 30% slower fade rate that won’t chip or crack. And the best part – if you ever want to change the color you can! With vinyl you’ll have to replace the whole house. 

By 2021, James Hardie will sell more fiber cement siding into the United States then all vinyl companies combined. Plastic is shrinking as an exterior product everywhere. Would you want to be the last person in your neighborhood to install vinyl?  

This is another example of a home with HardiePlank Siding
Hardie Plank

HardiePlank is a fiber cement horizontal lap siding that looks similar to wood siding. The difference is that HardiePlank lap siding is more resistant to the traditional wear and tear of wood siding and trim. Made with James Hardie’s fiber cement, HardiePlank is the top selling siding in North America!

This home has Hardie Shingles installed on the top and HardiePlank installed on the bottom.
Hardie Shingle

Available as staggered edge or straight edge panels, HardieShingle is another fiber cement house siding type offered by James Hardie. HardieShingles siding provides the look of cedar shingles with the benefits of all James Hardie Products. Not only fire resistant but also resistant to cracks, mold, and rotting, HardieShingles are a fantastic choice if you’re looking to elevate your home to the next level of elegance.

HardiePanel vertical siding has been installed onto this home.
Hardie Board and Batten

Hardie Board and Batten vertical siding is another option to consider. Built for longevity and stability, HardiePanel is siding that’s versatile enough to fit with practically any home design, meaning you’ll almost certainly be able to find a HardiePanel option that complements your house beautifully. As for all James Hardie siding products, HardiePanel is available in ColorPlus technology, a color finish for which you can choose the specific color scheme from a wide variety of options!

James Hardie Contractor Alliance

We value our close partnership with James Hardie Siding. James Hardie Siding offer the highest level of curb appeal by creating an authentic wood-looking product without any of the maintenance or risks. James Hardie Siding is a brand that we are proud to install and offer extended warranties on.

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