Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is a great affordable option to upgrade your curb appeal. There are many options including a regular 4” exposure clapboard look, 6” insulated panels, and cedar shake looks. Aluminum Trim Work adds beautiful detail to each project.

Standard Vinyl
Whether it is a Victorian reproduction, a New England saltbox or a modern beach house get-away, we offer the rich look of natural cedar without the expense and heavy maintenance.

Not only is this the most cost effective, but it has a plethora of trim and accessory options to brighten up your home. Has a natural woodgrain or brushed appearance, has a 0.042” thickness, and is virtually maintenance free. Vinyl doesn’t have to be painted and the color is fade-resistant, what more could you want?Available in seven styles: Triple 3” Brushed Clapboard, Double 4” Woodgrain Clapboard, Double 5” Woodgrain Clapboard, Double 4” Woodgrain Dutchlap, Double 5” Woodgrain Dutchlap, Single 6.5” Brushed Beaded, and Single 8’ Woodgrain Clapboard.

Monogram Regular

Comes in three classic styles: Double 4” Clipboard, Double 5” Clipboard, and Double 5” Dutchlap. Offering a heavy duty 0.046” thickness which is thicker than mainstreet, has a cedar finish, has larger exposures and the rich look of natural cedar without the heavy expense or maintenance.

Monogram XL

Not only is this extra long, but also extra thick reducing seams, and in some cases creating a seamless wall. Comes in two classic styles: Double 4” Rough Cedar Clapboard and Double 5” Rough Cedar Dutchlap.

Insulated Back
CedarBoards™ Insulated Siding provides the added strength and thermal benefit of rigid foam insulation with easy maintenance. Dressing your home in CedarBoards is like wrapping your family in a cozy blanket.
Insulated Siding

Provides added strength and a thermal benefit of rigid foam. You can easily appreciate the natural wood with distinctive colors. Available in five styles: Double 4” Clapboard, Double 4.5” Dutchlap, Double 6” Clapboard, Single 7” Clapboard, and Single 12” Board & Batten.

Insulated Board & Batten

A wide 10” board with a 2” batten, making it ideal for a whole house or accent. Having a 0.052” premium thickness with a rough cedar finish.

XL Insulated Siding

Available in Double 6” and Single 7” Clipboard. Having a 0.044” thickness, this offers sound reduction, contoured foam providing strength, and 3/4” panel projection.

Cedar Impressions

Available in 5” Sawmill Shingles, Triple 5” Straight Edge Sawmill Shingles, Single 7” Straight Edge Perfection Shingle, Double 7” Straight Edge Perfection Shingle, Double 7” Staggered Perfection, 6.25” Half-round Shingle, Double 7” Straight Edge Rough-Split Shakes, and Double 9” Staggered Rough-Split Shakes.