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Roof Inspection Before Listing Home

Should You Get a Roof Inspection Before Listing Your Home?

Discover why reviewing your roof is the right choice for maximum resale value

The short answer to today’s question is “Yes!” The reason? There’s a busy housing market out there and standards are high for any homeowner looking to close a sale. Statistics reveal that 5.34 million American homes were sold in 2019, and home sales figures are set to climb again by the end of this year and into 2021. 

Naturally, every homeowner wants their property to look its best in the hopes of catching a buyer’s eye. Your roof may be something you rarely see, but you can be certain prospective buyers will have their eye on it as a top priority. Let’s look at why the condition of a roof is a major, if not the prime, factor house hunters consider before making an offer.

It’s important to stress that a roof inspection does not automatically equate to a roof replacement. Many homeowners may be avoiding this check-up due to fear of more expenses piling up. The fact of the matter is, a thorough look at your roof could both save and make you money. It increases the chances of catching roofing issues before they become advanced and expensive problems, and it ensures a more secure and attractive home at market.

How a roof inspection is carried out

The first method is the traditional one: A qualified roofing team gains access to the roof to check first-hand for any issues while taking great care not to exacerbate existing problems or create new ones. Roofers will conduct a thorough investigation of every facet of your roof, which includes checking the condition of shingles and slates and looking for any signs of cracks, breakage or water damage.

Compromised flashing, clogged gutters, loose seams and rust are all issues that a good roofer will inspect. They may also need to look inside the house at loft/attic spaces to check for leaks and interior mildew or mold alongside the current condition of insulation and ventilation. Modern roof inspections have further capabilities that augment the expertise of the human hand and eye.

Today, drone inspections are becoming more common thanks to the benefits they provide. Drones aren’t troubled by dangerous conditions and can quickly and safely reach areas that could compromise a roofing team or the roof itself. Digital inspections can also operate in the infrared, exposing any areas of a roof that may be prone to heat loss or build up. 

The best roofers offer a combination of traditional appraisal and modern technological methods. Together, human and machine can provide the most accurate assessment of the current state of your roof. Such precise data also helps the roofer to realistically project the condition your roof will be in for the near and further future. 

Is there a ‘best’ time to get your roof inspected?

The moment you’re certain you want to list your home for resale is definitely a good time. A homeowner wants to be confident of a sale and potential buyers want to feel secure that they’re making the right move if they make an offer on the property. Homeowners can provide that two-way confidence by making sure the roof is in the best possible condition before the home hits the market.

Beyond this, there are several factors that contribute to the right time for roof inspections. First, if you can see any internal or external signs of damage or decay. These can range from the obvious — such as missing shingles, loose gutters, discoloration or holes visible from ground level — up to the appearance of mold, mildew or leaks in the attic.

Time of year is also a significant factor, with the fall and spring seasons being the best time for a roof check-up. These seasons allow homeowners to appraise any roof damage that summer may have caused through increased heat and humidity, catching those issues before winter does its worst (and vice versa for the spring inspection).

From a roofer’s perspective, spring or fall are nice thermal middle grounds when it comes to installing shingles, for example. Temperate conditions are ideal because the cold of winter and heat of summer can both make shingles harder to work with.

Spring and fall are also good inspection times in case significant repairs are necessary. The bigger the job, the longer it will take, so starting off in a temperate season gives the roofing team time to finish before excessive heat or cold arrive. 

In addition to working conditions, summer and winter are peak purchasing times for homebuyers. When you schedule a spring or fall roof inspection, you are taking further positive steps to optimize the chances of a sale and the highest possible asking price.

How much does a roof inspection cost?

Roof inspections do cost money, but it’s an investment that can save a lot of money down the line. This figure will vary depending on the contractor you hire and could range up to $700 at the high end. The typical price spectrum is in the $250 to $400 range. 

The pricing depends on factors like the size of the roof, the materials used to cover it and the depth of the inspection. An internal check may also be needed in spaces like the attic to look for evidence of roof issues that may have found their way indoors.

The cost of inspection is an investment in peace of mind since it provides one of three certainties:

  1. Everything will look fine
  2. Some minor repairs will be needed
  3. More advanced work may be necessary to save or even replace the roof 

Even if your roof inspection shows the need for a complete replacement, it’s a situation best considered from a return-on-investment perspective.

The initial outlay for replacing a roof can be difficult to part with, but it can also significantly raise the property value. A 2019 Cost vs, Value report showed that some roof replacements can boost resale value by up to 68% of the replacement cost. A home’s appraisal value — an objective, third-party assessment of a home’s market worth — can also see up to 107% recovery of value according to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (page 45).

The same research also shows that new roofing ranks first in both appeal to buyers and among projects likely to boost a home’s value at resale (page 33). A new roof can increase a home’s curb appeal by up to 40% and instill confidence in potential buyers.

Compare this to a home that skips any necessary roof repairs. That’s a property facing a longer sales process, fewer offers and lower offer prices if it even attracts a buyer. In short, that homeowner loses money because they didn’t spend it.

Blue Nail — the right roofers for a top-flight roof inspection

Our dedicated team provides years of roofing experiences to our customers in the Montville, Mendham, Randolph and Denville areas of New Jersey. From fixing roofing issues to full-scale replacement and installation, Blue Nail makes any job easy from the first call to the final inspection. My own passion for roofing as Blue Nail’s founder goes double when it comes to a home being placed on the market.

I learned through personal experience just how much shoddy roof workmanship and underhanded tactics can cost homeowners when a house is put up for sale. It can mean a lot more than a significant amount of money lost; it can also lead directly to a great deal of personal upset if things don’t go as well as they hoped.

My team and I go beyond the best humans can do by also carrying out a thorough roof inspection using our drone technology. Not only is it an ideal method in the current climate of social distancing, drones are fast, versatile and able to investigate a roof in minute detail. This all adds up to a quicker, more accurate inspection, which means greatly reduced operating costs for our team and more savings for our customers. 

Blue Nail also uses EagleView technology to take advantage of the latest in satellite imaging and digital modeling apps. These provide state-of-the-art roof measurement and property appraisal capabilities that allow us to render a home in 3D and give our customers a virtual, interactive roof estimation with no need for in-person contact. 

It’s our mission to make roofing a transparent process and educate our customers, so you feel more informed and confident with your roofing decisions. Our many positive reviews testify to our success. I also recommend downloading our free insider’s guide to roofing and siding, which covers some very important bases. Blue Nail also provides a free consultation, so you can ask us directly about any roof-related concerns.

Don’t let doubt about the state of your roof get you or your resale value down. Connect with Blue Nail for the best in professional advice and craftsmanship before you list your home on the market.
Working with Blue Nail Roofing means coming home to craftsmanship. From the first call to the final inspection, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you benefit from our experience. For more information or a free consultation, drop by our contact page or call 973-937-8876.

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