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Drones are making roof inspections infinitely easier!

The Buzz About Drone Roof Inspections

We’re used to looking up in the roofing business, but if you’ve been doing the same recently you may have noticed we’ve got company. Drones are becoming an increasingly present sight in American skies, with uses ranging from governmental and medical to agricultural and commercial (and of course, plain old fun). If you’re considering a roof inspection, the next drone may be a lot closer than you think.

These aerial assistants have hovered their way into the roofer’s tool bag. We use them ourselves at Blue Nail. Like many sectors, we’re embracing modern tech, and drones help us keep the ancient art of roofing future-proof, safe, and more financially beneficial to our customers.

How Drones Help Roofers and Those They Serve

Safer inspections are a roof drone’s first advantage. Sometimes treacherous weather conditions can put even the most seasoned roofer in danger. This isn’t a problem for drones, which can hover safely over a home and study every inch without risk of injury. They also leave humans in the dust when it comes to speed and visual power.

Drones are so efficient they can complete a roof inspection three times faster than people can, and every roofer knows that faster turnaround with no sacrifice in craftsmanship is a great advantage over their competition. Roofers are even beginning to expand what drones can do for them, using them to inspect even the largest roofs in minutes with high-resolution photography, 3D modeling and thermal mapping – potentially invaluable tools for assessing structural safety.

Drones are the Next Step in Roof Maintenance

Data from rigorous tests has shown drone inspections consistently provide 99.4% accuracy in their results. Those on-point numbers mean drones are also a whiz at saving money on both sides. The less time a roofer needs to spend on an inspection, the less the customer pays. The more accurate a roofer can be the first time – thus eliminating the need for return visits – the less the customer pays.

And when a plastic roofer with propellers doesn’t need a ladder, other equipment or a wage? This leads to a more cost-effective company that can pass those savings along to their customers. Combined with the imaging tech drones provide to reveal insulation leaks, air leaks, and the slightest cracks in a roof’s exterior, roofers and customers now have a powerful preventative-maintenance tool.

Drones are a win-win on multiple levels, but these aren’t the only ways they can assist professionals and the public. Our flying friends may be just the thing to close that property sale faster than you thought possible.

Why Looking Down Can Make Home Sales Go Up

You may not be surprised to learn that the roof accounts for 40% of a home’s curb appeal. Did you also know that homes with high-quality photography sell 32% quicker than those without, and homes with multiple photos do even better?

Impressive stats, but they take another jump when the roof takes center stage. Homes with aerial photography sell 68% faster than ground-level showcases. The seemingly obvious solution? Include a drone’s eye view in every listing. That’s where things can grind to a halt, however. An aerial shot of a home with a substandard or unattractive roof could sink a sale completely. At the very least, it will make selling more difficult.

Let’s assume a buyer looks past the bad roof in the photo and decides to buy your home. You’ll very likely get an offer way below your asking price. The buyer may say they’re doing you a favor, since not many people will be interested, and they must cover their risk expenses in taking on a property with an imperfect roof. The real solution? A top-quality roof.

Drone photography may be incredibly accurate, but its effectiveness in the real estate market will always rely on how good the roof looks. To be in the strongest possible position, homeowners want drones to snap images of something beautiful, functional, and enduring.

Let the Blue Nail Team Build Your Dream Drone Shot

Our passion to provide the best possible service and results has prompted us to offer free drone roof inspections. We’ll survey the surface and root out any problems, giving you the data you need to make the best decision for your roof. It might be minor repair. It may be heavier work. Maybe you just feel it’s time for a change and something new.

Whatever you decide, Blue Nail is here to make it happen. We’ve built our reputation on treating every customer and property as something unique. Connect with us at the links below for more information on how we do it.

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