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Why Choose a Local Roofing Contractor?

Learn why local teams are your best choice for a superior roofing experience.

Benjamin Franklin got it right when he said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” It’s a truth the most customer-focused and conscientious local roofers live by. They do it because they care about their customers and their work, and because they don’t have the two crutches which their competition likes to lean on.

There’s a reason why shady contractors are called “fly by night,” and why the biggest companies can survive multiple bad reviews. The first bunch might come from anywhere, fleeing the scene after shoddy work leaving customers unable to track them down. Big companies are the opposite: They’re everywhere. Their operations are so large that even a significant number of bad reviews can be offset by, and even buried under, many positive ones.

These two ends of the spectrum can be costly choices that might put your roof and even your health at risk. Between those two extremes is the local contractor — a firm that has a fixed presence but isn’t so huge that it can hide bad jobs behind a mountain of 5-star feedback.

Today, I’m looking at every reason why a local roofing contractor can provide a level of service that the others can’t, especially when it comes to the unique roofing situation here in New Jersey. It all comes down to giving homeowners three key advantages: ease of access, accountability and awareness.

Ease of access for both customer and contractor

Ask any reputable company for proof of its past jobs and they’ll be able to provide it. It’s great to see pictures of far-away or out-of-state jobs, but nothing beats seeing it with your own eyes. Depending on the nature of the job, prospective customers will be able to walk or drive and see a local contractor’s work for themselves.

This immediacy lets customers see the work “in the wild,” which can be a very different experience from viewing it on a monitor. The more information customers have, the more time they can take to make an informed decision on their roofing investment.

However, time isn’t always a luxury homeowners have. Sometimes harsh weather or the “sudden” effects of a long-unaddressed roof issue make it necessary to get a contractor on the scene as soon as possible. When customers need quick, easy access to a professional, nobody can be there faster than a local contractor to assess the situation and get to work on a solution.

Being local means contractor and customer have swift and simple access to one another. It also makes building a solid reputation something only the best firms can do, because it’s much harder to hide substandard work and poor customer service within your own community.

Local firms must prioritize accountability

Today’s high-tech world has made peer reviews more powerful than ever. 90% of people read online reviews before even considering a business, and 88% of us trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Word of mouth is still a powerful indicator of quality, whether that word is physical or digital, and positive local reviews are where trust takes root.

When a firm is local, it increases the chance that prospective customers may have a loved one, friend or neighbor who can provide a first-hand review of how that roofing contractor behaved personally and professionally. This is bad news for substandard firms, but it’s great news for the ones who care.

Blue Nail always provides the highest standard of work, which we stand by 100%. And our customer reviews show we’ve got every reason to be proud. As people, we care for the customer and the job we do. As local professionals who make testimonials part of our business, we know every review is as important as the last. If we didn’t do 5-star work, it wouldn’t take long for people to know about it.

Another essential thing a local firm has is an address. Fly-by-nights deny their customers that simple information (it’s how they stay beyond reach), while big companies may not have an office anywhere near you. Local teams are someone you can walk in on and connect with.

A local firm also shares something very important with its customers, and that’s a sense of community. They live there too and take pride in it. Local roofers play a big part in creating a home’s curb appeal, in establishing the elegance of a neighborhood and contributing to the collective image and value of the community itself. 

Lastly, there’s the big picture. What benefits one of us benefits us all. By supporting a local roofing team, it’s not just the customer and contractor who win: The money goes right back into the community and helps keep the local economy healthy.

Local teams provide local knowledge and obey local rules

New Jersey’s weather can be variable, to say the least. The impact of this is something a local roofing contractor not only understands, but also appreciates. Living in the same area provides local teams with a level of insight that can’t be achieved by just pulling up some weather data online. This ground-level awareness always shows through in the advice and craftsmanship of the best firms.

A local firm also has (or should have, so always ask) state-specific insurance in place. New Jersey makes this mandatory. Without insurance, a contractor can’t even register to practice. The good roofers know this, and they get that insurance.

Untrustworthy roofers think insurance and proper licensing are things they can skip. This is against the law and endangers their jobs, their customers and even their own personnel. A bonded roofer goes one better, since this means they’ll be compliant with both local and state laws and regulations regarding their area of work.

One local rule that could make all the difference

Here’s a very important fact about New Jersey’s stance on roofing and siding: In 2018, both of those jobs were downgraded by the NJ Department of Community Affairs. This meant they were no longer classified as big jobs, but as ordinary maintenance and minor work, and permits for roofing and siding work would no longer be necessary. 

The cons of that arrangement far outweigh the pros. On the upside, it means roofing contractors can get the work done faster since there’s no permit application process. It also means the job costs less since there’s no need to pay for the permit. However, this creates a roofing market where practically anyone can show up to work on your home. It’s something that attracted even mayoral criticism and rightly so.

It can be sobering to realize that New Jersey roofing contractors merely have to be registered. This means they don’t have to be state-licensed or permitted to work on a roof. It’s therefore critical for New Jersey homeowners to seek a local contractor who cares. Customers must also thoroughly research how qualified the roofing firm is and what other members of the community think about its performance; two tasks made a lot easier when the contractor is local.

Even without the need for a permit, a good roofing firm will work to the highest standard and not see this lack of paperwork as an excuse to perform poorly. A local roofer who is properly licensed, insured and experienced will provide comfort for their customers in the absence of permit protections.

Why Blue Nail is the local team who won’t let you down

Our team looks after the roofing needs of customers in the Montville, Mendham, Randolph and Denville areas of New Jersey. Besides our deep commitment to realizing the vision of our customers, we’re among the Top 2% of roofers in America thanks to our GAF Master Elite certification. GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in the world, and it’s still local (the global headquarters is in Parsippany).

This means Blue Nail brings a literally world-class standard to New Jersey roofing, and we can quickly get the very best materials from the source to your home. We’ve also achieved the highest ranking in other areas of home improvement like siding and gutters. Our credentials include the Masterpiece Contractor stamp from DaVinci Roofscapes and seals of approval from leading national brands, including James Hardie siding and Marvin windows and doors.

Our alliance with these companies means that Blue Nail can offer some of the best guarantees in the home improvement industry and our handiwork is routinely inspected to ensure the highest standards of quality. As Blue Nail’s founder, I also serve on the board for the Garden State Alliance of Roofing Contractors. My community matters every bit as much to me as my craftsmanship, and that’s an attitude my whole team shares.

Those are the reasons choosing a local roofing contractor can raise your project to a higher level. Get in touch to learn more about how Blue Nail can help your home reach its full potential. We’re standing by to provide any more information you might need on roofing, gutters, siding, windows or doors.

Working with Blue Nail Roofing means coming home to craftsmanship. From the first call to the final inspection, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure you benefit from our experience. For more information or a free consultation, drop by our contact page or call 973-937-8876.

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