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How New Siding Can Make Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

When looking to sell your home, updated exterior features can make the property more appealing to buyers, and new siding is one of the most effective upgrades.

Selling your home is a process, and it all begins with making the house as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. It’s a simple concept: The better the home looks, the more interested people will be in purchasing it. At the same time, you don’t want to cut any corners while preparing a home for a sale because anything that looks less than perfect could end up costing money on your offers. Patchwork repairs will stand out, leaving buyers wondering what else could be wrong.

Start preparing for a sale by getting the yard into as good of shape as possible because that’s the first thing buyers notice when they look at your house.

The second thing they notice is your siding.

Exterior wall treatments define the first impression your home will make on prospective buyers. If your siding is damaged or worn, it will be far more challenging to get offers that live up to your asking price because worn siding tells buyers they will have to save some money to fix up the property.

Buyers want to picture themselves living in the home, and if it’s clear at a glance that the home requires repairs or renovations beforehand, they’ll be less interested in it. By investing in new siding before putting your home on the market, you’ll improve its curb appeal and make it more likely that you’ll get acceptable offers on the property. 

In a 2016 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 99% of respondents said the curb appeal of a home is important to prospective buyers. Your first impression matters, and, that’s why siding should be one of the top improvements you make before trying to sell a house.

Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of replacing your home’s siding, along with information on choosing the right material to suit your house.

Does your siding need replacing?

Before putting your home on the market, have a look at your siding and search for damage. If you see cracked or broken panels, bubbles under the siding, or holes in it, you should evaluate further.

In some cases, you can repair the siding or replace a few panels. A repair is generally acceptable when the rest of the siding is in good shape, but some minor damage has occurred. One drawback, however, is that the new panels will look less worn, making them clash and stand out from the rest of the house.

When siding starts to reach the end of its lifespan, it becomes tired and worn. This trend is particularly true of vinyl siding because you can’t freshen it up with a paint job.

It’s also essential to look for siding issues that might go beyond its aesthetic value. For example, you could end up with water seeping through the siding because of separated panels, and that will do damage to your wooden frame and insulation. In extreme cases, water could even end up going through the siding and into your home.

Siding that allows moisture into the home will inevitably show up on a home inspection and could imperil sales. You must get to the bottom of these issues before your home reaches the market.

Increasing energy costs are another issue that could signal a problem with your siding. Homes rely on numerous barriers to keep the elements out, with siding being the one that’s most directly exposed to the elements. Deteriorating siding will leave your home less insulated and show up in higher heating and cooling bills.

In short, you’ll want to look for problems that could bother prospective buyers and make the necessary fixes before trying to sell your home.

Increase the home’s value

Beyond severe damage to your siding, why else would you want to replace it? One of the main reasons is to increase the home’s overall value. 

Siding provides an excellent return on investment when compared to other home improvement projects. According to Remodeling magazine, on average, you can expect to receive a 77.6%  return on this installation, and that number can increase depending on the material you select.

As the home hits the market, your realtor will let buyers know the siding is brand new and adjust your asking price accordingly. 

This increase in value goes beyond the attractiveness of new siding because when you remove the old siding, your contractor can see what’s going on behind it. 

This is an opportunity to address other issues, such as adding a new vapor barrier or installing more insulation, if needed. That way, anyone who is interested in buying your house knows that there aren’t any problems behind the siding and will be happier to pay what you’re asking.

Real estate is incredibly competitive, and by installing new siding on your home, you’re giving yourself a real advantage over comparable properties in your neighborhood. If you’re serious about making the sale, putting your best foot forward is essential, and that’s precisely what this new siding will accomplish.

Maximize the curb appeal

Going hand-in-hand with your return on investment is the curb appeal of your home. The better first impression your property makes, the more interest it will generate on the market. 

From the second a buyer steps from the vehicle, their decision-making process has begun. Anything that looks wrong can derail a potential offer in a hurry.

Having brand new siding on the home creates a wonderful first impression that gets the entire process started on the right foot. 

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression. From there, it’s incredibly challenging to change what another individual thinks of you. Your appearance is a significant part of this impression, and the same can be said for houses.

If a prospective buyer is generating a first impression based on their first seven seconds of viewing your home, siding is one of the only aspects he or she will consider during that time.

When the siding is in rough shape, there’s no way to create a positive first impression. If you have new siding, however, you can guarantee that the first impression will be a favorable one. That’s the primary benefit of installing new siding before putting your home up for sale.

Choosing the right siding

If your walls need refreshing and you’re ready to install new siding on your home, the next step is to figure out the color and material you want to use.

The color should fit with the other elements of your home’s exterior, such as your roof, fence, and outdoor fixtures. After all, it’ll be easier if you don’t have to replace everything else outside your home just to match the new siding.

When considering the siding materials on the market, Hardie plank, vinyl, and PVC will be your principal options. Each option has unique benefits.

With a fiber cement construction, Hardie plank is incredibly durable and looks great. Generally, this siding comes with a 30-year warranty, which is information you can pass on to prospective buyers.

In addition, Hardie board looks great and is paintable, so anyone who buys your home will have the opportunity to change its color should they want to go with something different. Hardie plank is a little more expensive than the other options, mostly because its installation is labor-intensive, but it’ll do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.

Another siding option is PVC, which is a modern technology that looks just like wood without its drawbacks. Wood siding was once a popular choice, but it requires a lot of care to prevent rotting and needs a paint job every few years. PVC doesn’t have those problems, and it also offers fire resistance. 

PVC is another excellent option when improving the curb appeal of your home, and its fire-resistant properties are a selling point for potential buyers, as well.

One of the more cost-efficient siding materials is vinyl, but just because it costs less than the others doesn’t make it a poor choice. Vinyl siding comes in almost any color imaginable, and it looks great, particularly when newly installed. The material is also durable and low maintenance, which are two qualities any buyer will appreciate.

You can go with insulated vinyl siding, too, which comes in five styles and adds even more value to the home because it leads to lower energy bills. 

Each of these siding types has its benefits, so go over your options and choose the one that will have the most significant effect on your home’s curb appeal and market price.

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If you’ll be selling your home in the near future, now’s the time to begin getting it into proper condition. Have a look at your roof, windows, doors, gutters, and siding to see what could use repairs or replacement before the house goes on the market to maximize the offers you’ll get for it.

Remember, judgment begins the second a prospective buyer pulls up outside your home, and it doesn’t end until they leave. The first impression is perhaps the most critical aspect of this process, and it’s challenging to overcome a poor one.

By improving your home’s curb appeal with some fresh siding, you can get more for your home and see a good return on the initial siding investment, too.

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