Traditional slate and cedar roofs have been around for hundreds of years and are exceptionally beautiful. Both are very durable and resistant to severe storms. Cedar lasts longer than standard asphalt roofs, and true slate can last up to 100 years or more! Copper accents are the perfect detail to complete the project.

Traditional Slate Roofing

Traditional Slate roofs are built to last for centuries. If you look at homes from even centuries ago, many slate roofs are still attached. Offering the natural beauty that never goes out of style, a slate roof is a practical and tested choice for historic and architectural-forward homes that consistently exceeds customer expectations.

Another fantastic perk of slate tile roofs that cannot be understated is that they are not only energy efficient, but they’re also environmentally friendly! Slate roofing tiles do not release toxins into the air, and since they are built to last, there’s no need to replace the tiles and throw away the old ones (which many roofs with asphalt shingles must do roughly every 30 years).

Traditional Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar roofs are unmistakably beautiful. Cedar shakes are hand-split from real cedar wood. When compared to materials like asphalt, cedar shingles and shakes last at least a decade longer, making them more sustainable and providing customers with more longevity.

They are also incredibly resilient and can easily protect your home from even the strongest of winds and precipitation. Wood roofs do require regular maintenance to protect against rot. If you want the look of a cedar shake roof without the maintenance, we’ll point you in the direction of composite shake roofs!